Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MooTwo Freebie

I want to post another layout I did using this kit made by Waite for the Moment Designs.Another very talented lady.Gee,she use to be on the CT with me.Maybe there is hope for me yet to become a designer?We shall see! This layout is of our handsome grandson Michael who loves to play hockey.I really need some hockey kits so if any of you visit my blog & know of some cute kits please leave me the info. Anyway here is her blog,go check out the freebie:


  1. I love the blog you have here--- So very nice-- I love the birds!!!
    You're doing a good job -- if I can help too I will where I can

  2. It is the most amazing experience. I teared up at the end of your blog, so true.

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